Frequently asked questions

1. In what period of time is it possible to build a wooden carcass panel house?Wooden carcass panel house building process, from the project development until handing the keys to the new owner takes 6-10 weeks.
2. In what period of time is it possible to build a wooden carcass modular house?Wooden carcass modular house building process is 2-6 weeks, but it can change depending on the availability of necessary materials.
3. What are the house building costs?We cannot predict the house building costs, they depend on the desirable house space, current market price and other variables, but the minimal price for both carcass and modular houses per square meter is from 700 EUR/m2.
4. What is included in the house building costs?The costs include the development of project and estimate, geologist services, material purchase, manufacturing and transportation, purchase and mounting of windows and doors, utility connection completion and other costs connected with the manufacturing of wooden carcass houses.
5. Is there an advance payment when I order a house?Yes, both parties sign a contract, which determines that the client has to pay advance payment in the amount of 30% from the total sum of the project. In case of a breach of the project contract, the advance payment is not returned to the client.
6. Do You provide guarantee for the houses?For every house built by Scandihouse we give a 5-year guarantee. If after the completion of mounting process any damages in the house construction have been detected, we fix the problems in a short period of time without additional costs.
7. What to do if I do not know what kind of house I want?On any working day You can book a consultation with Scandihouse representatives, who will recommend the best house variant and will help You in the development and implementation of the project plan.
8. Should I think about the transportation of the house to the chosen location?In order to ensure a safe, qualitative and convenient transportation of house panels and modules from our factory to the clients’ location, we take care of the transportation service.