Privacy policy

1. General Terms
Scandihouse privacy policy is established to inform a natural person (Data subject) about the purpose and protection of personal data processing. SIA Scandihouse, reg. nr. 44103121493, Valmieras nov., Brenguļu pag., Brenguļi, “Sadzīves centrs” – 1, LV-4245 (hereinafter -” Scandihouse” and/or” we”) obtains, processes and stores data, received from its clients and other persons (hereinafter – Data subject or You), who use the website and its offered services.

In case of any questions regarding personal data processing, please contact us via e-mail

Scandihouse privacy policy is based on the regulations set in the Personal Data Processing Law and in accordance with the applicable legislation – Natural Persons Data Protection Law, Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council No. 2016/679 from 27 April, 2016.

Clients’ personal data is any information submitted on the Scandihouse Website. By using our website and submitting Your data, You agree to the data processing and storage for the time period set in this policy, and, in situations regulated by the legislation, after the initial data processing period, as long as it would be necessary.

2. Personal data acquisition, processing and storage
Information that identifies the Data Subject, is acquired, processed and stored by Data controller with the use of Scandihouse website.

Personal data are acquired by using Scandihouse services, for example, through a phone call, by booking a consultation via Scandihouse website or by using our website.

2.1. We process the below listed personal data:

– Name, Surname;
– Phone number;
– E-mail;
– etc. information, that is submitted for the acquisition of offered services or a consultation.

Data subject is responsible for the correctness and completeness of submitted data and that the data do not contain false information. Intentional submitting of false information is considered to be a breach of our Privacy policy. You hold the rights to inform us about any changes in Your submitted personal data.

2.2. Personal data are processed for the following purposes:

1. Identifications of the client
2. Preparation of a contract and invoice;
3. Fulfilment of warranty obligations;
4. For commercial purposes – advertising and distribution of services;
5. Processing of clients claims;
6. Website maintenance and associated improvement processes;
7. Improvement of statistics and service quality;
8. Content shaping with the help of accommodated advertising;
9. The fulfilment of other legal commitments.

2.3. Scandihouse stores and processes personal data as long as one of the below listed points is valid:

1. Personal data are necessary for the consultation;
2. As long as in accordance with the respective legislation, Scandihouse and/or Data subject can realize its interests, for example, to lodge an objection or judicial proceedings;
3. As long as there exists a legal basis for the storage of data, for example, a contract about the provision of Scandihouse services;
4. As long as the Data subject agrees to the data processing, in case there does not exist any other legal basis for personal data processing.

Upon expiry of conditions stated on Article 2.3., also the storage period of Data subject personal data expires. All respective personal data are permanently deleted from data base systems, as well as from electronical and paper-form documents which hold information about the respective Data subject. In case of necessity, we hold the rights to hand Your data to law enforcement authorities.

3. What kind of cookies we use?
Cookies are small text files, which are being stored from the browser on Your computer or phone when You use the Scandihouse Website. Cookies are widely used for the improvement of Website efficiency and information acquisition for Website owners.

You can disable or limit the cookies use, but without them, it will not be possible to use all the advantages of Website. Information acquired from the cookies is used in statistical analysis in aggregated and anonymous form.

To ensure more easier use of Scandihouse Website and its functionality, the following cookies can be set on our website

1. Google Analytics cookies. They are used for the statistics acquisition of website visitors. We use this information for the improvement of website and for our advertising measures.
2. Directed advertising cookies. They are necessary for the elevation of advertising efficiency and for the placement of advertisements You would be interested the most in.
3. Functional cookies. Cookies are necessary to ensure a comfortable and easy browsing in any page of the website and for a full use of its functions.
4. Third parties’ cookies. The cookies can be set by the following third parties services: Facebook button “Like” and YouTube video. Some part of these cookies can be used to follow up on Your activities on other websites.

4. Rights of the Data subject
In accordance with the Republic of Latvia and General Data Protection Regulation, You have the rights to:

1. Access Your personal data, receive information about the processing of personal data, request an electronical copy of personal data and to transfer these data to a different data controller (data portability).
2. Request to rectify inaccurate, wrong or incomplete personal data;
3. Delete Your personal data (“right to be forgotten”), except when the data storage is required by the Law;
4. Withdraw the acceptance of personal data processing;
5. Request that We terminate the processing of Your personal data temporarily or completely;
6. Turn to Data State Inspectorate of Latvia.

5. Conclusion
Scandihouse holds the rights to change and/or update this Privacy policy at any time and without prior notice. The amendments shall enter into force after publication on Website

In case of questions, You can contact us:
Telephone: +371 26618621