House communications construction

There is not a single house which can be functional without utility connections – electricity, water or sewage. This is why in the house price we can also include the construction of utility connections according to Your wishes and needs.

Our offer:

1. Electricity installation
2. Water main installation
3. Sewage system installation
4. Outdoor greening

One of the most important things when building a house, is the installation of electricity, water main and sewage system.

Electricity supply system
For the electricity installation to be successful, prior to the start of house construction, it is necessary to contact the respective company, for example AS “Sadales Tīkls”, in order to ascertain if there is an electricity connection possible at the chosen location. If such connection ports do not exist, the respective company will install them. After the installation of the electricity connection, it is equally important to choose the electricity service provider, who will be able to ensure the necessary current strength.

Water main and sewage system installation
Whereas, in order to install the water main and sewage system, You have to know, where in the house the water pipes and sewage outputs will be necessary. Then follows the arrangement of plumbing equipment like sinks, toilet bowls, water mixers etc. This is usually done by the plumbing expert with a certificate or a person, who supervises the specialist’s work.

Outdoor greening
Outdoor greening is the improvement of the outer territory of the building, main elements of which are the construction of the paths, lawn cultivation, the planting of different plants, including lawn grass, trees, bushes and flowers and the construction of decorative elements like pools, ponds and fountains. In case of necessity, we can also offer the levelling of the ground surface. Additionally, we can offer such services as the installation of garden sprinkling system, which will make it easier to take care of Your garden in the future.

We do not install cables, internet cables and similar processes connected with such communications.

Regardless off the type of the house, we will find the most effective solution for the utility connection construction!

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