House foundation construction

Foundation laying for houses, saunas, garages and other premises. 

It is necessary for every new building to create a foundation at the ground level to make the built construction durable and resistant to the natural movement of earth. The building or any other construction, for which the foundation is not used, can lose its shape or fall apart during earth movements or during different nature disasters. There are several solutions available for the foundations, depending on the construction type, geological earth condition and several other factors which depend on the use of materials and the way the foundation is laid. 

For the foundation laying of wooden carcass panel house, we offer two foundation construction types:

1. Strip footing
2. Slab footing

Strip footing must be chosen in cases when a basement or any other room on underground level is planned under the building or in cases when the house will have more massive and solid walls. Strip footing should not be used in places with high soil humidity level.

Slab foundation is used in cases when the building will be made of a lighter construction because it allows to spread the load evenly across the perimeter of the house. The costs of a house with a slab foundation are lower, it can be laid in a shorter period of time, therefore it shortens the construction time of the whole building.

Wooden carcass modular houses are built on a more solid foundation with the aim to make the construction process easier and faster:

1. Metal post footing
2. Concrete post footing

Both – metal and concrete post footings – must be chosen in cases when the ground surface, where the building is planned, is dense and it is not possible to lay the house foundation at the base-level of the ground. Post foundation is laid deeper in the ground, at the level of a more solid and less dense ground layer. Metal or concrete post foundation is used when it is not completely certain that the building in the given location will sustain its stability also after a longer period of time.

Before the laying of foundation, we consult a certified geologist, who assesses the ground condition objectively and professionally and gives directions and solutions for the ground preparation before foundation is laid. The foundation of a building, sauna, garage or terrace, we can lay on any location chosen by You – even in the dunes or a bog!

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