Manufacturing and assembly of garden equipment

You have purchased a house but have not thought about the surrounding elements which will complete it? Maybe You have considered an idea about the improvement of the existing house yard? Do You need garden equipment? Do not worry! Scandihouse has thought about everything!

Special offer! Purchase a wooden modular or panel house from Scandihouse and get a 15% discount for any garden equipment!

Scandihouse garden equipment, the construction of its objects and premises:

  • Canopies (pergolas, garden-houses)
  • Small garages
  • Terraces
  • Terraces chairs and tables
  • Planks, foot-bridges, stairs

Feel the practicality and aestheticism of the wood in everyday life
Maybe for a long time already, You have returned to the thought that You not only need changes in the arrangement of the furniture or colour of wallpaper but there has also come time to change the old stairs to new ones. There is always a mess in the kitchen, there is not enough space for cooking and enjoying Your meal? Would You like a wooden counter? Are You tired of not being able to be alone and that every person in the house can listen to Your conversations? What about new and qualitative doors made of oak? We can bring all these and many other ideas to life! According to a custom order, we offer to produce wooden construction furniture and equipment for the improvement of Your house – tables, chairs, cupboards, shelves etc.

Qualitative garden equipment for Your relaxation
In the modern and fast every-day life style, You don’t have always time to think about resting, therefore it might seem like a faraway dream. But with the help of Scandihouse, it can turn into reality! Maybe in Your house yard there is a pond You have dreamt about swimming in, but it lacks a plank? Do You like to grill meat on weekends and enjoy evenings in the company of Your family and friends, but You cannot do it, if it is raining outside? A pergola sounds great, doesn’t it? But maybe the tiredness is so large that a hot sauna and relaxation in complete silence is what You need? Professional and qualitative garden equipment objects, which will be not only practical but also embellish Your yard.

Maybe You have a wonderful idea for the improvement of Your surrounding environment, but You do not know to whom to turn to? Scandihouse is the right place, where it can be brought to life!

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