Wooden Carcass modul houses

Wooden carcass modular houses – the fastest and cheapest solution for purchasing a house!
Wooden carcass modular houses are very popular due to their high energy-efficiency and low costs. A special technology is used in the manufacturing of these houses, which allows to prefabricate and assemble the house in advance and transport it to the necessary location.
Modular house consists of modules or prefabricated constructions. Modular technology allows to freely variate the size of the building even at two or three levels (floors).

Suitable for complicated sites
The construction of these kind of houses is especially suitable for locations where the usual building process could be difficult or impossible.  Before the house construction, we get the consultation from a geologist, who evaluates the ground condition and gives solutions and recommendations for a successful preparation for the house foundation laying.

Ready for living in a couple of weeks
Special manufacturing technology of the modular house allows to build it within a period from 2 to 6 weeks. For the construction of a modular house, we use qualitative and certified wood fibre materials. To ensure the durability and longevity of the house we use screws of the highest quality and not nails.

Save time and money simultaneously.
Wooden carcass modular house costs including complete siding, all utility communications implementation and building expenses, are 10% to 15% lower than for a house which is built from concrete blocks, and 30% to 40% lower than for the house built from bricks.

Why choose wooden carcass modular houses?

1. Fast and easy house construction
The construction process of the modular house takes only 1-2 days, because the modular house is maximally prefabricated in the production plant.
2. The possibility to transport or improve any time
Thanks to the advantages of wooden carcass modular manufacturing, the building is improvable or movable anytime and to any location. Would You like a second floor for Your house? Are You moving to another location? We will fulfil Your every wish in a couple of days.
3. Durable in all weather conditions
In the manufacturing of modular house, we use the most durable timber – thermo-wood, which protects both the internal and outer siding from changing weather conditions and ensures warmth in the house in every season.

Wooden carcass modular houses are one of the most effective solutions due to low costs. Scandihouse offers the construction of a modular house beginning from 700 EUR per square meter.

Do You desire a long-life future home which You can improve or move to other location anytime? Contact us!

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