Wooden Carcass panel houses

Wooden carcass panel houses – the best solution for the house on a permanent foundation!
Guaranteed longevity, high energy efficiency and wide design possibilities for Your dream house beginning from laying foundation till garden design.

Quick realisation processes
At the base of a wooden carcass panel house are prefabricated wooden constructions or elements, which are manufactured specifically for the layout of the house. After the manufacturing of the wooden carcass panels of the set sizes and functionality, they are transported to the customers location and assembled into one construction on-site. The mounting of the panels usually takes up to two weeks.
For the wooden carcass panel house, the outer and inner siding is necessary. Due to this the inside walls become thicker and ensure immediate thermo-release. Timber frame panels are sided with isolating sheets and filled with insulation material.

Easy to adjust in the future
The design of the house depends on the customers’ wishes – the siding can be of any kind of material. This excellent possibility allows for the two identically built houses to look completely different.
If in time the necessity to enlarge the house occurs– with the panel house it does not take much effort.
The wooden carcass houses are available from 40m2 up to any desired size. Due to the practicality and Scandinavian technology, the manufacturing and transportation of the house takes only 6-10 weeks.

Why choose a wooden carcass house?

    1. Excellent thermal insulation.
    Did You know that wooden carcass house, both in winter and summer can keep the heat amount of a thick brick house?
    2. Appealing and individual design
    Every house we design and build is unique, visually attractive and elegant, because it is built according to a customer order, wishes and needs.
    3. Comparatively low costs
    In comparison with other house building techniques, Scandinavian technology allows to build a house with significantly lower expenses and in much shorter period of time.

From the idea to a finished house – only two months!
Scandihouse uses an individual and unique approach, by recommending the best specialists in the field and the best materials so that every house built by Scandihouse would serve You life-long.

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