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1. Terms of Use

1.1. The purpose of information provided on Scandihouse Website is to inform its user about Scandihouse services.
1.2. The information on the Website, regardless of its content and form, has solely informative purpose.
1.3. The information provided on the Website is acquired from reliable and approved sources, but every user can individually evaluate the truthfulness of this information. The administrator is allowed to change or remove the information from the Website at any moment.
1.4. The Website users can personally, according to their needs and opinion, choose the proposed services and offers.
1.5. The Website administrator does not hold responsibility for any expenses, damages or losses that have occurred during the use of Scandihouse Website, including in cases when the Website administrator has been aware about the possible flaws.
1.6. The Website administrator holds responsibility for the prevention of computer viruses and other third parties’ hostile programmes on the Website.

2. Copyrights

2.1. The Website administrator holds the ownership, copyrights and all the other rights to this Website.
2.2. A full or partial re-publishing, copying, handing over or storage of Website content without the permission of Website administrator is forbidden.
2.3. The content of Website can be cited in accordance with the Copyrights Law and legislation. In case of citing, the information source and reference to it must be indicated.
2.4. It is forbidden to re-publish, copy or distribute the trademarks and/or logos placed on the Website without a prior authorization from the trademark or logo owner.

3. Use of cookies
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5. Privacy policy
The personal data handed over through the Website are stored safely and only as long as it is necessary. The processing of personal data is carried out according to the existing data protection legislation. By submitting Your personal data through Scandihouse Website, You agree that You have gotten acquainted with the information about personal data protection.

6. Conclusions
As soon as one has decided to use the contact form on the Website or one has sent an e-mail to the Website administrator, the Sender holds full responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted information.

In case of uncertainty or questions, please contact us per phone +371 26618621 or via e-mail info@scandihouse.lv.